• Full spectrum CBD oil wax
  • One gram of 30% CBD oil and 300 mg of CBD
  • Approximately 20 servings
  • Ideal for pain, stress or sleep support
  • Rich in CBD, terpenes and amino acids
  • Designed for dabbing or oral use
  • Made in the USA from organic hemp grown in Europe
  • Gluten-free and 100% vegan
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CBDfx Raw Wax is made with filtered CBD oil that is derived from organically grown hemp plants. This CBD oil wax is designed specifically for dabbing. CBDfx Raw Wax is made with a full spectrum CBD oil that is rich in both terpenes and essential amino acids. CBDfx Raw Wax contains one gram of 30% CBD oil and 300 mg of pure CBD. No THC is used in this product, which means there are no psychoactive side effects like paranoia or feeling high. This product contains approximately 20 servings. It can also be taken orally for added convenience.


This all-natural product is a convenient method for getting the full benefits out of CBD. Full spectrum CBD contains all the plant’s powerful healing compounds, such as terpenes, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins to nourish your body. These compounds are believed to be excellent for relieving pain or stress, and for promoting healthy sleep.

How to Use

For Oral Use:

  • Scoop out a small rice grain-sized amount of wax
  • Place it under your tongue
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds before swallowing  

For Dabbing:

  • Fully charge vape pen
  • Place a small, rice-sized chunk directly onto the coil
  • Inhale and enjoy

Lab Testing

  • Independently tested for quality and purity
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  • If you think you might be subject to THC testing, learn more before using this product by clicking here


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300 mg


CBD rich hemp oil.