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By now you may have a pretty good understanding of what CBD is and how it affects the human body, but you can now give it to another member of the family…your pets. 

Now you may ask yourself why would my pet need this? And will it have the same effect on them it has on me? Our pets have the same endocannabinoid system that we have, so it will affect them in a similar way that it affects us. Meaning it will help with reducing stress, anxiety, increase mobility, and just giving your animal a better quality of life if you think they need it. 

Now, this does not mean that you give your animal the same CBD you are taking, instead, there are many other products specifically for your furry friend. Make sure you have researched all the products and are well-educated on the correct dosage.

If you think your pet will benefit from CBD just keep reading. 

What are pet CBD products?

CBD for pets is essentially the same CBD humans take but with a lower concentration of cannabidiol CBD. Unlike for humans, animal CBD has no scientific data, everything that is said about it comes mostly from pet owners. Now, just because there is not scientific data, doesn’t mean that it is bad! CBD for animals encourages balance and wellness by integrating with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Which if you didn’t know we have as well!

CBD products for your animals come in an array of different flavors and forms. In most cases, the CBD does NOT contain any THC. You will want to ensure that whatever you are buying does not have THC as this could be a potential risk to your pet. As long as you get your product from a reputable brand like NuLeaf naturals you should not have to worry about any added products.  

Health Benefits

CBD is supposed to work on the ECS to promote your pets’ cardiovascular function, emotional behavior, neurological health, and chronic conditions like arthritis, and joint pain. 

CBD comes from the hemp plant which contains less than 0.3% of THC which means that your pet will not be able to experience the “high” effect that is connected to THC. It is non-toxic and cannot be overdosed on, making products containing pure CBD safe for your animals. 

  • Painkiller 

CBD brings more endocannabinoids (which they already create) to the neurotransmitters that connect to the cannabinoid receptors. This process reduces inflammation and interaction with the neurotransmitters. This brings the animal’s body back to a homeostasis state and reduces the pain. 

  • Stress and anxiety 

Like humans, animals go through stress and anxiety too. In any circumstance, whether it is a storm, the owner leaving every day, or maybe they have trouble traveling. In any case, CBD will help your dogs and cats be at ease in any stressful situation. 

  • Anti-inflammatory 

As I mentioned before, CBD has amazing anti-inflammatory effects weather that is in animals or humans. Because CBD connects to the receptors it reverses the inflammation response which helps with the pain. Pain anxiety, arthritis, and other chronic inflammation symptoms are usually caused by an imbalance of the immune system. CBD can help reduce inflammation, in turn, reducing the pain. 

  • Seizures 

Seizures, while we know them to affect humans can also affect dogs and cats. CBD is mostly known for stopping seizures in humans because it is a natural anticonvulsant. The same can be said and done with animals who have tics, spasms, and tremors. 

How to administer CBD to your pet

There is an array of different ways for your pet to ingest CBD. You could:

  • Mix it with food
  • Mix with Water 
  • Apply directly to the mouth
  • Use already bade treats 

All of the above are great options for delivering CBD to your animal. Using CBD oil for dogs and cats would be my recommendation because then you can precisely administer how much you are giving. An easier way to administer CBD is through premade snacks, but you lose the precision a little. Now, which animal do you know that does not like snacks? These snacks come in many different flavors making it easy to pick the right one for your furry friend. 

You may be asking okay now I know how to do it, but how much should I be giving them? 

This all depends on the size of your animal. It is recommended that you give 0.5mg per Kg of body weight. You should be with your pet when administering the first few dosages to see the effects of CBD and whether or not to keep giving it to them. 


Although CBD does not come from the cannabis plant there may still be traces of THC which could be harmful to your pet. You will want to make sure that any product you purchase has gone through a third party testing like Ananda Hemp Pets that show you exactly what is in their products.  

Side effects 

  • Dry mouth

CBD may interfere with your animal producing saliva, so when administering it ensure there is plenty of water for them 

  • Lowered blood pressure

If you administer too much CBD your animals could have a slight decrease in blood pressure. Although it is a small drop they may feel a slight amount of lightheadedness. 

  • Drowsiness 

As stated before CBD can be used to help with stressors. CBD may have an increased calming effect, causing your pet to be very drowsy. 

Final thoughts 

So, as you can see your pet may actually benefit from taking CBD. There are many benefits that come with taking CBD if you administer it correctly. Of course, all I can do is point you in the right direction, but you will want to go to your veterinarian for any medical advice and general checkups. Although they can not recommend this product, they may be able to give advice as to dosage to keep your pet safe.




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