Intensify your sex life with these CBD products

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CBD products have made their way to people’s everyday lives, in many different forms and flavors, CBD is everywhere. 

So why not use it to enhance your sex drive? It has the potential to increase pleasure, ease stress, strengthen sensation, and set the right mood. CBD has a big impact on the endocannabinoid system which most people know to ease pain, but it will also cause arousal because it connects to the reproductive tract in a female to increase pleasure. 

The endocannabinoid system and sex

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system in our bodies that promotes homeostasis. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids that connect to the cannabinoid receptors. When someone uses CBD it promotes the production of more cannabinoids to help our bodies work better most commonly as an anti-inflammatory. 

These receptors are also found in our male reproductive organs as well as the female’s uterus. CBD could give these parts of the body more sensation because the receptors are engaged fully due to the excess production of cannabinoids. 

Is using CBD for sex safe?

Recently CBD has made its way into all kinds of different products and one of those is products for the bedroom. CBD is a natural product that people take orally or topically. As of right now,  CBD products are not being evaluated by the FDA, but are safe to use. 

There are many ways to take CBD to help improve your sex game, but it depends on what you are in need of. There is CBD lube to help if you have dryness, this will also help with vasodilating the pathways of the vagina bringing you more pleasure. If you do not want to use lubricant there are always CBD gummies or CBD oils that you can take which will help you with performance anxiety.   

Because CBD is an oil base, you cannot use it with condoms, again this is where other forms of CBD like gummies can come into play. 

Why use CBD lube and not regular lube?

With the price tag of CBD intimacy oil I better experience things I’ve never been able to before! CBD lubricant or intimacy oil which are the same things are about 3 times more expensive than regular lubes. 

So what makes CBD lube so special?

CBD lubricants work in a kind of similar manner as regular CBD oil, edibles, or topicals would. There are many benefits if you are having trouble in your sex life. CBD intimacy oils help relieve pain which according to American Family Physician 20% of all women have during intercourse. It also helps to enhance foreplay, improve desire, and strengthen the sensation by stimulating the blood vessels to vasodilate.

  • Relieving pain

Women get pain during sex, like we have talked about earlier, there is nothing wrong with it! CBD lubricants can help relax the muscles of the vagina resulting in a faster and stronger orgasm.

  • Strengthening sensation

A survey of 1,000 people were asked if CBD was effective in their sex life, 39% said that it was extremely effective and 28% said it was very effective. CBD can give an added sensation by decreasing anxiety, stress, and pain. 

  • Enhancing foreplay

When using CBD lubricant it takes roughly 15 minutes to be in effect. This time gives you and your partner time for foreplay, which in some cases lead to more sensational sex. 

Tips for which CBD product to use in the bedroom 

All lubricants have some traces of chemical compounds that we do not want near our vaginas, so the biggest tip is to look for an all natural CBD lubricant. Make sure you are looking at the ingredients printed on the site of purchase before you buy any products.

CBD oils may contain some THC depending on the brand and type of oil. It will not be enough to get you high and because you are applying it topically it will not enter your bloodstream. Before using and kind of product around your vagina you should talk to a sex therapist or your doctor. 

Once you know for certain you want to try out CBD lube for yourself it’s time to do some shopping. I will go over some products you can try for your pleasure. 

Ananda Touch – Bliss 

This is a 250mg bottle of full spectrum cannabinoid oil. 

Again it is an oil so you cannot use it with latex condoms. It is third party tested which means it was tested out of house giving you the best test results. 

It is an intimate oil that is safe for internal and external use which means you can use it on your vagina for blood circulation or use as an oil to set the mood.

Kiskanu hemp oil

This is a broad spectrum intimacy oil and at 100 mg per bottle may be the lowest dosage you can get to try out CBD lubricant.

It has calendula herb which is a great natural anti inflammatory and healer. This oil is also a dual use oil intended for internal and external use. 

Endoca Hemp OIL Drops

Instead of using a lubricant there are oils that you can take orally. The benefits of oils is that you 1 do not have to wait the 15 minutes and 2 you can use condoms unlike the lubricants. 

This oil is really good at getting you out of your head and putting you in the mood for some fun. It may even allow you to explore things you otherwise wouldn’t have. 




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