CBD Bath Bombs: Do they really work?

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Get your favorite smelling candle, make a relaxing playlist and grab your CBD bath bomb, It is that easy to make your own personal home spa. If you are a fan of baths you already know what bath bombs are. But if you want to take your relaxation regimen to the next level, pick up a CBD bath bomb. 

There are many benefits of having CBD mixed with all of the other natural components in a bath bomb. Let’s get into what a CBD bath bomb is and how it will enhance your bath time. 

What is it?

CBD short for cannabidiol is from the hemp plant and unlike its close relative marijuana, it does not contain any THC so it is non-psychoactive, meaning it will NOT get you high.

CBD bath bombs are just like any other bath bomb, but now with CBD oil in it. In a regular bath bomb, you will find things like essential oils, Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, and shea butter or coconut oil. All of these elements help your body relax in a bath. 

Bath bombs give you an at-home spa feel. They are explosions of fizziness, coming in an array of colors and scents all giving you a different effect for your needs.

What can they do?

Bath Bombs have many effects, whether is relieving stress, relaxing, energizing, or a sleep aid there’s one out there for you. Nowadays you will find many come infused with CBD oil which will help with pain management. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has a lot of cannabinoid receptors on the skin allowing for upper layers to be penetrated. This form of CBD intake allows for a more localized penetration into the skin and straight to the problem area. 

Of course, any CBD lotion could do the same thing, but combining the bath bomb with a warm bath will have more benefits. For instance, baths have the ability to improve blood flow, clear sinuses, and helping mental wellbeing by reducing built-up stress. 

The Epson salts added to all bath bombs have an incredible asset when combined with the CBD oils. Epsom salts draw out harmful toxins that are in your body and have been used for years without bath bombs for detoxing. While the Epsom salt is drawing out the toxins CBD is able to enter the body and thus you have a feeling off relaxation and reduced muscle soreness. 

How long to soak?

Bath bombs are very easy to use, just make yourself a nice warm bath, turn on your favorite relaxing radio station, and just plop the bath bomb into the full bath. 

Just like a regular bath when your fingers and toes start to prune it is probably time to get out. When using a CBD bath bomb 15 minutes is recommended for a full effect any time after that is just extra relaxing time. 

Do they help with pain?

CBD bath bombs contain roughly 25-50 mg of CBD oil which seems to be the best and average concentration. Of course, this will depend on how much you think you need and if you are new to using CBD. 

Soaking in a bath with a CBD bath bomb will help with:

  • Pain relief 

CBD reduces inflammation and soothes pain. It is shown to be more effective than prescription medications without all of the side effects and addictive qualities. 

  • Stress and anxiety

Aside from the essential oils being added CBD has its own benefits of destressing and relaxing. CBD interacts with serotonin and dopamine which are hormones in the body to give you a feeling of happiness and relaxation. 

  • Improved skin

Along with the warm water helping blood circulation, the CBD helps with anti-inflammatory effects resulting in a better appearance of your skin. 

Final Thoughts:

Cbd can take your bath to the next level. It will help you relieve aches and pains by working externally to a specified area. 

They are very inexpensive so even if you have never tried CBD this is the perfect way to start incorporating it into your regimen. 

Where do I find the best CBD Bath Bombs?

We’ve tried and tested the best CBD bath bombs for you already and our favorite is without doubt, Mary’s Nutritional’s Bath Bombs




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