Myth 1: Hemp and marijuana are the same plant

I can see how people may find that hemp and marijuana are the same. They come from the same cannabis family, but there are two different species known as hemp and marijuana. The hemp plant is identifiable by its extremely low THC content. Marijuana will have upwards of 25% THC where Hemp is usually around 0.3% THC, no where near the psychoactive level.

Myth 2: Hemp can get you high. 

Hemp in fact cannot get you high. The THC levels in hemp are less than 0.3%, so low that it is impossible to get high off of hemp. 

Myth 3: CBD is an addictive drug

People may think that CBD is an addictive drug because it comes from the cannabis family, but it is not addictive at all. It comes with many therapeutic benefits and can be a life changer for many who use CBD. There is no intoxicating feeling that comes with the use of CBD, giving people no reason to use as a recreational drug and abuse it.

Myth 4: Industrial hemp is the answer to legalize marijuana

5 years ago this may have been the case, people may have advocated for hemp with hope that it would lead to the legalization of marijuana. As hemp grew and more people learned about its agricultural and medicinal benefits people now see them both as very different. Knowing now more about what hemp is it would be quite a big leap from hemp to marijuana. 

Myth 5: Hemp is a male cannabis plant

Hemp has both female and male plants and in some instances they can be both. Female plants are the ones to make it all the way to maturity and end up getting harvested. Whereas the male plants die off shortly after they have completed pollination. 

Myth 6: Hemp will solve all of the problems 

The hemp plant can in fact do a lot of things. Anywhere from enhancing the soil to making paper or plastic products, this plant sure has a lot going for it. Because it can be used for so many uses people will grow acres of it in hopes of eliminating other not so useful resources. This all sounds very good, in theory. Growing hemp instead of other crops will not be a save all for our planet, as some will not stray from the current processes. It is a step in the right direction to help start paving a path for the future farmers and growers. 

Myth 7: Farmers hide illegal cannabis plants in their hemp fields

This one sounds really good, like killing two birds with one stone. The only problem is hemp when cross pollinated with marijuana will lower the THC levels, which farmers do not want. As well as, both are grown completely different with hemp being farmed close together and marijuana needing 4 feet between them. They also grow to look very different and would be very noticeable if you walk through making it hard to hide. 




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